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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Complex solutions

Past is past. So let us have a close look into the remedial measures that are initiated by the BCCI now. First we will address the coach issue. As individuals still our guys standards are high. No doubt. But when it comes to team effort we fail miserably in many occasions. Chappel did a good job in terms of bringing these differences together and his outburst probably due to the height of attitude of senior players. Board should consider his constructive criticism rather trying to protect the players. For our country setup of various compositions a foreign coach would be idle for the job
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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Indian Cricket - a cartoon

Indian Cricket
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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Chappell's Exit !!!

Finally the Greg Chappell's Reign as Indian Coach has come to end. As expected it came in a dramatic fashion. Nothing has been less dramatic during his tenure as Indian Coach. When he was appointed as Indian Coach, Indian Team seemed in a much better position(atleast in the ICC Rankings) than now. Where does indian cricket go from here? Whether his tenure has done good or bad for Indian Cricket ? Whether his so called "Processes" was a failure or it doesn't suit the Indian Cricket with so much politics involved? Whether BCCI Should have kept the faith on GURU Greg and retained him the coach for one more term or were they right in letting him go? Was he correct in reporting the attitude of the seniors like Sachin's, Sourav's and the Shewag's? Guys, Time to pour in your thoughts and Letz debate.
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Monday, April 2, 2007

Welcome !

This is a blog that has been created to share the passion India - Cricket. We dont intend to make this another blog for talking about cricket. We want to make this the most active hub for discussions on cricket. Cricket has evolved from the strature of sport to a reason for wealth generation. There are many facets to this game that are worth a discussion. Like every one of you, the authors of this blog love cricket as a sport and still believe it is worth talking about the game. We will present you updates, reviews, comments, analysis of matches to noodle strap blouses. We will create avenues for discussions, arguments and we need your opinions on our topics. However, we also solicit you to post your comments in the most readable language possible. Please stay away from unparlimentary lingos.

Play !
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